A Fairy Tale Revisited

A fairy offering wishes, illustration by John ...

Once upon a time there lived a prince

He was lost, lonely but never did he wince

He grew into a young man hopeful and handsome

Ready to mingle with the world, with a romantic tune to hum…..

On his path of life, there were deep dark pits

He tried to avoid them but always missed the hits

Again, he was the lost , lonely prince

Now he was in the pit, he could only wince…..

Along came a fairy, waving her magic wand

Took him out of the pit and gave him a hand

She walked with him , the rest of his next few paces

He bloomed, flowered and won all his races….

The prince now was the king, and ruled his life

He had many girls, his journey had no strife

But the pits continued to haunt and he again fell into them

But never mind, for the magic fairy cleared the mayhem….

One day, the king walked and wanted to walk alone

The fairy stopped him, but he shrugged off her hand old and worn….

“I want to walk alone he said” I do not want thee

This was thus the sad end of the fairy….

She knew he had pits to fall, she wanted to save him

But what could she do, when the King wanted to satisfy his whim…

The fairy longed for the long-lost prince …..who she had just lost

Life is like that, of pitfalls like the king’s and of simple fairies lost…….

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