Room For Thought

Jack sat on his desk in the corner, staring blankly at his computer screen, for what seemed like an eternity. People moved in and out of the room, chattering noisily drawing no response from him whatsoever.Work was not hard and Jack never seemed too busy. His mind, however was a busy beehive of thoughts. Constantly thinking about things that affected him and others that were connected to him. Jack however lacked a voice. A voice to silence people’s insecurities, doubts, misunderstandings. He had been at his job for over 3 years now, and he still didn’t  feel at home.

Every year for the past two years Jack had been applying at various universities abroad. The first year he got admitted in one such university but he lacked the funding. Borrowing from his parents was not an option, though they were more than willing. The next year he got through the entrance for another local university, but some how something held him back. One torrid affair at work and another short lived crush later, Jack felt lost, like being flung out at sea.

Things he wanted to do were not possible here. This room was too small  to contain his dreams. His love for photography, art, history were locked up.

So Jack lived a double life. A dead bland existence on one hand and a lively free life which he explored through his photography, art and travel. The moment he left the room his thoughts turned to actions.

He would have to continue this existence till he could find a way out. A way to live his dreams outside the four walls of this mundane room. A way beyond the blank computer screen that he continued to stare at.


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