Encrypted Partings

The first public telegram in America, "Wh...
The first public telegram in America, “What hath God wrought” sent by Samuel Morse in 1844. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just three words encrypted with meaning
Or maybe four, at times for immediate posting
Each word was payable and it was a necessity
Today it is just a small par of our acessibility

A small piece of paper and it got coded
People used to be careful as it was well folded
Two to three words used to describe an event
Death, birth, celebration or fun, and any other intent.

Wireless Telegraphy Station
Wireless Telegraphy Station (Photo credit: lucyb_22)

I still remember its importance , today it would be eased out
So many years back, it was a thing of great clout
It has been a part of me, a lot has been shared through
Guys, it is the telegram I am talking about, today none have a clue

Ask people of today, what is a telegram, they would stare flat in the face
It has been so useful, and has always filled life with the frills and lace
“Telegram” as the man shouts it used to send a chill down the spine
Today it is going to be dropped out of our everyday brunch and wine…

I salute the telegram for the useful service it gave us
For all the tears shed, and the laughter bestowed on us
Cell phones, PDAs , social networks are there today
But the humble telegram in my mind is still very much at sway…..


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