ImageHe came in with a smile, and a warm little “Baby”

He was still the same, the strong one with tenacity

I was meeting him after four years but nothing had changed

My father was back home, twas time for things to be arranged.

He still had the hold over us, though he was eighty

Once he came in with mom, we were again a happy family

No matter how much we grow, we remain kids for them

Their simple arguments and bickering added to the mayhem.

I still remember how taking his pen or wallet was such a big crime

He never has yelled at us, just a stern look added to the chime

A storehouse of knowledge he was not one to be scared

Always the silent moody one, yet no one was really spared

Now it is that time of the year, to celebrate Father’s Day

I have never known the significance of celebrating this way

Why a special day for a parent who gave all his life to us

For me everyday is Father’s Day, for this, we do not have to kick up a fuss.

Father's Day Cake 2009
Father’s Day Cake 2009 (Photo credit: Jim, the Photographer)



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