Keeping The Faith Always

03.365 (02.08.2009) Faith

As my mind drifts apart I search for that word called faith

I know not what sets me apart what brought me to this state

I look for that genuine smile, that a person could give me

I look for that pat that someone would give me


As I start yet again, all the efforts seem repeated

I look for something fresh and new, but  I feel so defeated

I search , I search I search for that small bit of faith

I look , I look I look some more, but I found myself in this state


As I begin yet again to write, I wonder what it is that I have to say

I grope for words, and form some lines, but my mind is still at sway.

I promise myself n’er would I ask for that little bit of faith

I tried so hard, but I did not succeed, I am still in this confused state


I give instructions, I repeat my wish, I express my desire to my family

I hesitantly look behind as  I have this feeling, I could be really silly,

I now swim through the tide of life, in search of that faith

But I came back to the shore of life, I still am in this confused state….


Would you have the solution to my quest for that little word called faith?

For that genuine smile, which n’er had any prejudice , which n’er made you wait..

Quest for that unknown happiness, which my heart is now yearning for so much

For now I am here, I want to be there,  where I now see , the genuine happiness touch……


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