The Sacrificial Goat

The statue was commissioned for the Queen's da...
The statue was commissioned for the Queen’s dairy at Rambouillet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)













Why do we like to bear the cross we need’nt yet we do it with passion

Why do we like to play the martyr when we sit back and watch the fun

Why do we love to be the sacrificial goat , oh yes when it is no fun?

Why do we poke our nose, when all we could do is stay away

Why do we pamper children so much that they make a quick getaway

Why do we think well behaved children mean success in life

Why do we compare with others when we are in strife…

Why do we not for a change walk with our noses held high in the air

Why do we feel that the whole lot of friends and the world are unfair

Why do we sniff and sob through situations

Why do we just laugh away all our tensions…

Why do we consider world to be a platform to express our feelings

Why do we feel that life is beyond all negoitations and dealings

Why O Why is the world a question mark for people like me

Are you the luckier one, or do you want to jump into my canopy??