From A Mother To Her Daughter

ImageWords are the only way I have always been able to express my feelings and opinions…Today as Kavita turns 20, this is what I have to say…..

It is once again that time of the year when my emotions are at sway
Down the lane I go, once again, chinky eyes n feet at sway,
Swathed in a roll, she had peered out at me and let a loud wail
I still remember how I told her welcome angel, I was too weak and frail…

And then of course the sleepless nights spent in total agony
Of sudden fever, coughs and cold, Oh was it all so weary
And then the laughter and the joy as she began to grow
The little words which meant nothing, but only I did know

For “Mandapotane” was “once upon a time” I realised that after ages
And “Dakata ” was acutally an “S” she had seen on the Indian Express Pages
“Oin” was orange and “shound” a round, the verbal game continued
“Maati” was maruti and “Papais” milk, her vocabulary was never subdued

Eyes wide open, and with the walk of a model, she was a fashion diva
she binged on Coke and spat out her cereal, oh there was so much brouhaha
I remember the day she took her first step and fell down at the next one
My darling angel suddenly seems so grown up, but now I have more fun….

Today she turns 20, her teenage years are behind her
July 7 is a big day for me, for that is the day I became a mother
Being a mother is easy so long as you know what you have to do
For me it is tough, for I am still deciding what to do and what not to do!!!

As my baby turns her leaf , her nineteen years have been fruitful
She has been the best anyone could have, and never a handful
Today is the day I should give her back for she has made me proud in every way
God bless you my child, I wish you a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY……..


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