Tribute To A Great Teacher




As I sipped my coffee and read the morning papers

I came across a news bite which left me in tatters

It couldn’t be true, it couldn’t be  I told myself a thousand times

My teacher of yore got murdered , she is worth a million dimes…


With a note of sternness, she used to peer through her glasses

Her eyes were so wide, they used to scare the masses,

With her defiant and confidante strokes, she used to teach us geography

Not a whisper could be heard, we were all scared of her you see.


A friend to all, when it was required, she was a teacher unparalleled,

There was a certain charm about her, in our minds she dwelled

With a Hmm and a raised eyebrow, she used to bring us to task

All of us always used to wonder, what lies behind this mask…


She was a Girl Guide Trainer and looked even more disciplined

We could not have been what we are today,  sans her rules pinned..

Today as she lay in her deep sleep , I wish she could come back

I could just for once thank her for moulding us without a lack


Why would anyone murder a store house of knowledge it beats me

I cannot understand why I lost my teacher Sulochana Chary

My respects to her and my prayers that her soul should rest in peace

For I know she would be spreading knowledge even up there with total ease….


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