Green curlAs I shut down my laptop, there is a tune I hum

I do not know the tune, I not where it comes from

As I walk towards my room, there is a song unsung

I do not know the lyrics,  but my emotions are high strung


As I lay down in bed, I think of the stars outside

But when I look out of the window, where do they hide?

As I curl up to sleep, I feel so relaxed and happy

A tune I can hear from a distance maybe….


As I settle to dream, I hear the song again

The tune comes back and the lyrics down the lane

Tis the song of love and the words of wisdom

N’er did I know, this mystery is what we hum…


I sleep through the night and then the morning dawns

Away from the fatigue and all those tired yawns

But now I know the song, that I will sing for the day

For now I am wiser and brighter cos of yesterday…..!

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