Life Is a Teacher

Betonwerksteinskulptur "Lehrer-Student&qu...For I felt the day has come when I have to thank them all

Those teachers who were by me for every thing big and small


Let me start with the one at kindergarten by the name of Mrs. Berger

If I am writing a poem today with good vocabulary, it is thanks to her..


Then I had a wonderful physical training teacher called Ms. Ila Sikdar

If I am disciplined today, and also punctual, it is again thanks to her.


Ms. C.V. Lakshmi is again one of those who you could never fool,

She was elderly, she was experienced , oh in those days,she really was cool.


Ms. Omana Verma, comes in tow, as she taught us all the figures

A math teacher she was, my eyes get wet when emotions for her endears


I thank Ms. Sulochana who was strictness and discipline personified.

Today she is no more, but I am glad about all those assignments well tried.


Then I grew up, got married and had a family

The teacher now shifted to a totally new city


The new teacher in two was my husband and my children

For each day is a challenge and I am a learner in my own den….


I learn from the world,  I learn from nature, I learn every second

World would never have been a paradise if learning had come to an end…..


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