Waiting For Someone

When you've got to go, you got to go

Waiting for someone is a nice feeling if you are in love

Waiting for someone is bad if it is someone you have to shove

Waiting for someone is exciting when it is a first time

Waiting for someone dead to wake up is tough when the bells chime


Waiting for someone when you need money kills your conscience every second

Waiting for someone who is stuck in a natural disaster is a tough dead end

Waiting for someone to give you news of a baby , is a joy beyond imagination

Waiting for someone to walk you up the altar is a feeling filled with emotion


Waiting for someone to like what you write is what drives you with passion

Waiting for someone to speak what you wish to hear is full of satisfaction

A wait is a wait and it is always neverending how I wish the world did know

I knew it , yet today as I wait for it to become dawn, my feelings I did show…!


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