Freedom At Midnight

Statue of Freedom
Statue of Freedom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is freedom? Is it a birthright or a revolution

Is it something that gives you that bit of recognition

What is freedom? Is it just plain independence?

When everything is just about being in abundance?

What is freedom? Is it getting liberated from bondage?

Or is it just adhering to the very old adage

What is freedom? Is it about fighting for your rights?

When there are so many who are spending sleepless nights?

What is freedom? Fighting in the name of religion?

Or is it just plainly demarcating your own region?

What is freedom? Is it an independent country ?

Or is it all about asserting, the rest is history….

What is freedom? Is it killing in the name of rebellion?

Or is it just proving that you are just one among the million

What is freedom? Is it the power to argue with your parents?

Or is it just a way of ensuring your contribution in prudence?

I believe freedom is a misused word today

It is allowing all emotions to sway

Discipline and rules are now at bay

Freedom at Midnight we got but we are yet to see the day….