Friendship Day

Celebrating Mother Nature
Celebrating Mother Nature (Photo credit: ihave3kids)


As the cellphone beeped, I read the message in it,

I was busy at some work, I wondered what is it

Messages would be charged double it said, I wondered why

Tis Friendship Day it said, I let it pass with a sigh.


Yet another of those days when there would be a hullabaloo

Why do we need special day, to express, love our friends we do

Friends are a treasure for ever, they need not be honoured

They are within us as a part of us, why a special day to be pampered?


Our hearts beat for the success of a friend, just as we share their tears too

A day specially for them, is so less, it takes an eternity to tell them ‘I love you’

They are the jewels of our life, always ready with time to spare

They are the reason we can move on, as they are always just and fair.


Why a special day just for them, we can give our entire life

Friends are those who are by us, whether it is joy or strife

Let us therefore resolve to befriend Mother Nature on this day

For she is our best friend, we can not let her sway.


If you dont catch the fish who cares you caugh...

For those bands that we tie on wrists, a hundred bands go waste,

Let us resolve to protect Mother Nature on this day, and never be in haste

Days come, days go, and we really do not need to show

Friends are there forever, but Mother Nature we should not let go…


4 thoughts on “Friendship Day”

  1. Well said, and so eloquently! Thanks for sharing, Rad Ar.

    You are correct. Do we really need a special day to express our love, friendship, gratitude towards Mother, Father, and Friends? We can and should give our entire life to them. I also like the thought to befriend Mother Nature, and think of how we can express our love & friendship towards Mother Nature….protecting and nurturing her for future generations to come.

    Best regards.

    1. Thanks Sir, for the kind appreciation. Everyday is a day for everything. Time and tide wait for none. So no need to celebrate, we should just respect and love. I have started a new blog You could see that too…

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