Till Death Do Us Part

The sleepwalking Lady Macbeth

For as I hurried about in the house, doing odds and ends

My son studied there, wishing he was with his friends

It was any other Sunday, and my husband had gone for an errand

Little did I know what was to be Gods command

The phone rang, I picked it up, it was a wrong number.

I banged it down, and was just seething with anger

It rang again and this time it was a call for me this time

My husband had met with an accident, it said as though a mime


I gathered my wits and went to the hospital to find him bleeding

A hip fracture they said, I was just left pleading.

X-ray image of my own hip, with top of femur b...
X-ray image of my own hip, with top of femur broken (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time passed and soon he had to be operated on

It was successful but he had an infection and I was forlorn


He had to be put on a ventilator and he was gasping and panting

I know not what gave me the strength, but I was only chanting

He came back, and slowly recovered , he came out of the jaws of death

God the Father 16
God the Father 16 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

It was as though Life was playing a big joke on me, as though I was in Macbeth.


Today  year later, I smile and I look back with pride

Time was when the tears in my eyes had completely dried

I stand tall today with my spouse, he is there by my side

I thank God for the fortitude he gave me, to not leave our knot untied.


I have nothing to say, no more to pray, I believe in the power above

It is all a question of what you want , if you ask for it, He will give you love.

I want not, I ask not for anything other than inner peace

Till death do us part, my belief and me, now are now on a new lease.

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