Lost Connections


Childhood Days
Childhood Days (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is something about words, they are beautiful expressions from within

There is a pause in them, a feel, a need to feel them through thick and thin

There is something about faith, it is the assurance that we give in a relation

To someone we love, this is unconditional and gives us moments of elation.


There is something about friendship, you can always be what you are

It brings out the best in you and bonds you whether you are near or far

There is something about childhood bonding they never let you go

No matter you meet after an eternity, there is no insecurity to show

There is something about life, it makes you a wiser person

We have but allotted days to be released from this natural prison

There is something about belief, you believe in things out of limits

Today I got my childhood back, that is the reason for my high spirits.

They laugh, they joke, they give me moments of togetherness

As I get away from them , no longer is my life a wilderness

Treasure these people in your life, who endorse faith and love in you

For all those friends who made it happen, did you know I really love you?


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