The Math Connection


Today Rukmini Krishnan brings on The Random Thought Bistro a poem for her brother – The Math Connection

For all those moments that went by laughing

For those scary exams when I was given a whacking

Maths for me was always a dread

An area till today I have never tread

He used to stand there awaiting my arrival

From school for yet one more round of survival

With a stern look and a firm hand

He used to try to improve my Math hand

Bespectacled with a note of authority

For years I used to fear him and feel guilty

Guilty that I could never solve Math problems

Even today, Math for me is a big mayhem

 Today he turns 51 and how time has flown,

All Math classes are now just a drone

He has been my mentor since the time I was young

Never has he allowed me to slip a tongue

Always the guiding force and used to spot right from wrong

Today life is so different and the childhood moments so long

I  have respected the way he carries about his life

He has two good children and an extremely loving wife

I salute this man, the sibling in my life

My parents and him have been with me in my strife

Tis time for a great family celebration together

Tis his birthday, Happy Birthday Anna my dear Brother

Math Mark
Math Mark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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