The Angel Called Patience

Patient Angel
Patient Angel

For when I pause, look back and sigh

I search for those wings with which I used to fly

To fly in this world of love and care

I had something then, but now it is not there

I further reflect and muse on my life

I look back at the tears and at the strife

I do not feel any pain when they appear

I had something then, but now it is not there

I grew up in life a woman so strong

World was at my feet, my tales so long

Yet at times I say things no one would dare

I gradually realise what is ┬ánot there…

A woman I am, but am not an angel

I do things for the family, I never remain idle

I realise now that an ill word is always a snare

For I realise that it was patience I had, and now it is not there

Patience in our life is in hibernation

We do not realise it as a sensation

Yet it lets us down when we need it most

For in life, patience is the best toast.

Once we master it, we rule the world

Today I try, tomorrow my efforts would be unfurled

I try , I try , I try again, to be up there

For Patience is what I am trying to dare ……