Angelic Connections

Angelic Connections

DSC_1621As the small eyes peered into the world a firm hand held her

As I grew into a little girl there they were my mother and father

The first signs of angelic connections they were my first teachers

For they taught me the birds and the bees and all other such features


On to kindergarten and we all rose up to wish her

Me with Mrs. Berger
Mrs. Berger was one of the best teachers

Good morning Miss we all sang together

Peering through her eyes she was a gem, none to beat her

For she was our own dear litttle Mrs. Berger


Kindergarten over and we went on to primary school

There she was standing at the doorway, she was so cool

With a voice to remember she had sternness as her forte

For she was our own cherished teacher Mrs. Ratna in her heyday


sulochana chary miss
sulochana chary miss

 On to High School and I came across this awesome teacher

She was filled with discipline and in school she was a terror

Her mere voice used to rattle us and make us all nervy

For she was our own respected Mrs. Sulochana Chary

 I then grew into an adult and I took memories of these great ones

Never had a problem in life as their experience spoke volumes and tonnes

As I grew, that there was a teacher beside me always showing me the way

Never leaving my hand, she was here to stay


My Fair Lady
Life Is An Angel

 With a smile on her face, she used to greet me everyday

I realised gradually that it was Mother Life at sway

All those teachers in life combined to make my day

For in the mixture of life, these teachers  are our whey !


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