In Pursuit Of Happiness

In pursuit of happiness
In pursuit of happiness

For when I say yes the world says no

I think it is time I let it outgrow

Outgrow my thoughts and go out in the open

Open into the fields where again it can happen

For when I let it happen, the world does not

Does not allow things to take a shot

Take a shot at what is the truth

The truth is yet again viewed as the ultimate fruit

For when I want the ultimate fruit, the world takes it away

Takes it away and does not allow me to sway

Sway into the realms of the unknown

For here is where the greener grass is grown

For when I grow the fresh grass, the world mows it down

Mows it down into that unwanted frown

Frown of a dissatisfied and insecure passer by

This is when I heave a really big sigh

For when I sigh, the world groans at me

Groans at me for even trying to be free

Free from the shackles of what is right and wrong

Right and wrong are just two sides in lifes song

For when I sing lifes song , the world weeps

Weeps for a better morrow and as the time sweeps

Sweeps into a brighter world, I try once again

Try once again to say yes without giving the world pain…….

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