souls of the world

Bonds Unknown Love Unlimited

souls of the world
souls of the world

For I saw them work along the road oblivious to everything around them

They were calm, they were composed inspite of the morning mayhem

Click Click I went on clicking away what pleased me,

“Madam did you take my photo, ” up she came and asked me,

“No,” i said, “but do you want me to, ” she nodded yes in agreement

This is life,  this is joy, this is what I call merriment,


I took their photo, and then they invited me to their home,

I told them I need to continue my walk, I need to roam,

“Come home on your way back, ” they said,  I was touched so deeply

“Sure, I will, ” I told them, and accepted their invitation meekly.


As I went back, I saw them yet again sweeping the road,

“Come, Madam,come,” they took me to their small living node,

It had a sense of acceptance, a warmth , I cannot describe

What is in them, I wondered , what is it that I so well vibe,.


They proudly showed their grandchildren and their house in tow

Never have I felt this calm,  this peace, just was happy on the go

The world outside is filled with people who fake love and relations

We need to learn from these people on the road, who have no pretentions,


I came back home a happy soul, a contentment unlimited

This is what life is all about, this is what is expected,

Friends, life is not about holding on, tis about living it the fullest

These people on the road are the real souls who show how to be happiest.


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