A Word Of Appreciation For Pinky Sharma

Pinky Sharma
Pinky Sharma

Ping rang my telephone when I was really busy

It was a very hectic day, my head was in a dizzy

Hello M’am the message read, and I was too tired to read

Along came a smiley next and it was cute indeed!


I picked up my phone and read the message and it asked for a writer

Then bang came the question ” would you be the co-ordinator?”

For what I enquired and it turned out to be a college debate

N’er had I ever found myself in so sudden a state


I had judged many competitions but this was a request sudden

She was so steadfast and devoted, I could not be sullen

Alright I told her and excited she was to have got a Yes from me

For me it was more a pleasure to see a child so happy





The day came and it was February fifth and I reached her college

D.Y.Patil College of  BioTechnology And BioInformatics  indeed is an adage







She ushered me in and introduced me to her teachers

I was feeling overawed as the fest unravelled its features





Then she took me to the Dean and we had a small chat

I was very comfortable and Pinky assured exactly that





Then the debate started and Pinky managed it so well

Indeed I said to myself, for her my pride did swell,






The session continued and she also arranged for some snacks

The girl really had spunk and there is nothing she lacks

Pinky Sharma, is a girl who made an impact in my busy life

She is that whiff of fresh youth, in this world full of strife.


I appreciate you Pinky for all that you did

Keep it going, gal, you are really gonna blow the lid!!


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