Fun & Pleasure

Welcoming The New Year 2016

Farewell 2015 Welcome 2016
Fun & Pleasure

And as yet another year rolled by
For a change I don’t feel I gotta sigh
For it was a year of resurrection for me
For knowing more closely my friends and family

Some came into my life some left me forever
Tiny ones came in and elders left us huddled together
Yet there is no pang of guilt of sadness or sorrow
For this year has been a hope for the morrow

There were disasters, floods and storms
However tis a mother’s heart that breaks all norms
Nothing could bring back a lost tear
So wont it be better to spread all the joy and cheer?

Singing and dancing on the road became a weekend pleasure
Enriching the lives of many was indeed a cherished treasure
Yes the New Year augments more determined resolutions
It has provided one with the best kind of solutions

As I enter the last day of my year
I only have confidence and no fear
I believe in forgetting the past and the grind
To say Happy New Year and to unwind!


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