Rukmini Krishnan
Rukmini Krishnan


I am Rukmini Krishnan, freelancer and blogger and The Random Thought Bistro is the fruit of an effort which started some years back when I was talking on the phone. I have this habit of doodling while on the phone and I suddenly found I had written a poem. I instantly copied it in a notebook. Those were the days of no computers. So I used to collect my poems in a book.

Some years back when blogging started, I started penning everything down in the blog. Thus took birth, the initial introduction of The Random Thought Bistro. Today I write a poem quite regularly and all the poems in the blog are entirely my creations. Whenever I get affected by anything , I express it in words as they are my best friend.

It is intriguing to see how words pour out when you have to write and it is a joy for me when all my readers read it and appreciate it. Today this virtual family that I have is my wealth and the best feeling I could ever have had.


You will have Categories which will take you to the various categories of the blog.  The categories include Life, Human Emotions, Parenting, Education, and Nature Care. The drop down box will take you wherever you wish to go.


A black and white illustration of a mother and...
A black and white illustration of a mother and son reading a book on a chair. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A black and white illustration of a mother and son reading a book on a chair. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The blog also has short stories which will take you to a story blog Tales To Readhttp://www.talestoread.wordpress.com . Here you will have stories written by me , stories based on true life incidents.  Enjoy reading them and if you wish you you can come back to the original blog, The Random Thought Bistro by Rukmini Krishnan.


For the palate you have The Food Bistro by Rukmini Krishnan  where you have recipes at your fingertips.

laptop_lunchbox 2008.02.20
laptop_lunchbox 2008.02.20 (Photo credit: amanky)

Visit http://www.thefoodbistro.wordpress.com where you can find the best of cuisines. This is also my blog and has contributions from many food lovers. If you wish to contribute mail me at kaybees22@gmail.com. I will feature your dish.

Mind and Matter

Mind and Matter deals with the various aspects of body and soul. This is found at The Soul Bistro by Rukmini Krishnan at http://www.thesoulbistro.wordpress.com. Here you can get to know many things about ancient culture, tradition and practices.

This is how you can navigate around The Random Thought Bistro.

Enjoy reading and happy surfing!!

There is a great reading list you will have in the blog. Enjoy all the categories and make the best of them.

Reading list

Thanks all of you, for liking my blog and reading it. More to come so stay tuned….


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