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For Her Who Shares The Care – A Mother

For when you fall, she is there for you

And leads the way you n’er walked through

For when you fumble, she holds you strong

She n’er hesitates to say you are wrong


For when you wished that dreams come true

She was there always to say not to feel blue

For when you were sick and ailing and sad

She would treat ¬†you with treats you n’er had


For where you come from she always had a reply

She always questions you she always asks a why

She is on the streets yet your best friend forever

She may be in trouble but trouble you she would never


For now she is here, she is there she is everywhere for you

The streets are full of them, In India, isnt that so true

Yet she takes care and tends them just like me and you ..

Mother O Mother anywhere she is We Love YOu……