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Of Lost Respect and Perennial Awe


Some months back  I read it was Senior Citizen’s Day…..With the eroding values and with todays fast life we often forget we need to respect our elders always….not just on one day….A poem on this


So I guess it is that time when we have to take time and pause to think for them?

It is time to once again haunt the flower shops, get bouquets, adding to the conundrum

It is time to thank them,   once more waiting for this day to yet again come

And then to lay back in silence and silently be oblivious to whatever is in store for them

I still have not understood why we celebrate special days

Why is it that we never try to get out of this non stop craze

Elders are elders- we are what we are because of them

Why do we need a special day, why create this mayhem

For all those seniors in my life, starting with my mother

I couldn’t do without them, my life otherwise would have been a whimper

For that grey haired professor who taught me physics

For that silver streaked professor who introduced me to mathematics

For that lady in a crisp white saree who taught me how to stitch

For that Ayah in the school who we always tried to bewitch

Elders were there all along, they have been a part of my life

Why to have a special day for them, remembering them always aint such a strife

For that elderly couple who lived on the first floor

For that bespectacled shopkeeper who peered through the door

For that silver haired laundry fella who ironed our uniforms

for that freckled face cleaning lady who cleaned the school dorms

For those very important seniors, my grandpa and my grandpa

And of course innumerable maternal aunts and uncles, Oh la la

Out of all these there is only one woman who stands out

She is my mother cos from her I exist, my papa in tow no doubt

Hats off to all these elders to all these people who made a difference

I doubt if there is anything better to bring into our life good sense.