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The Untold Connection

This is a poem for all the siblings of the world. On the occassion of Bhau Beej a day for brothers and sisters in India, I give this poem as a tribute to the strong bond of siblings.

Family Portrait
Family Portrait (Photo credit: Gideon Tsang)

Tis a bond a bond of togetherness,

Of love and care and recklessness

Of moments shared fighting and caring

Of times gone when Mothers voice was blaring

Of quiet whispers and hushed silences

Of knowing the right tricks and advances

Of sneaking into the kitchen and stealing a chocolate

Of standing up for each other when the other is late

Of tears being wiped and promises being broken

Of sharing the first drink and not being sullen

Of opening the heart out and speaking as you should

This is a bond that gives the protective hood

Today there is a small prayer said

To all those siblings who have tread

The path of life together with joy

Tis Bhau Beej or brothers day today just enjoy !