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People On The Streets

The Joy Of Living
The Joy Of Living

As I walk on the road, there are many I see whom I wish to know

I watch them work, or talk or rest,  at times in a hurry to come or go

I love to see the people on the streets, they often set my mind aglow

I wish to know them more and more, their every joy, their every woe


I catch some early morning, getting ready for the day

I wish to speak to them, wish to have my say

I get curious to know, in their minds, what thoughts lay

I get to speak to one of them, their emotions I weigh


Some come undone, some do talk

With them there is a pleasure to walk

Walk that distance that we have never known

To know about those people on the streets unknown


The road gives you the delight of joy of living

Of sharing, and caring of true understanding

Get to know these people on the streets

And you would not bother for your small feats


The world is a stage, the road the platform

Get closer to souls, there will never be a storm

People on the streets, they have a lot to share

Oh how beautiful the world would be with so much care…