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Welcoming New Year 2015

And as yet another year draws to a close

Let us for once forget the sorrows and the woes

Let us pray for love and cheer

For yet another New Year is here


For friends lost and relationships broken

Let us for once let them be forgiven

For life is a journey we are the travelers

Surely we do not want life in tethers?


For those who left us, bereaved and sad

Let us pray for those with us, For every mom and dad

For those small children on the streets

Let us for once see how their heart beats


For all those unkind words we spoke and heard

Let us for once forget every ugly word

For it has been a year and that’s quite a lot

Let us begin it with a good deed a thought

Welcoming New Year
Welcoming New Year


Years pass, years come and go

But it is for us to forego

All those things that are unwanted

To continue in life undaunted

New Year is just a feeling of joy

For once let us again wind up our life like a toy