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English: Springtime evening calm The serenity ...
English: Springtime evening calm The serenity and beauty of this spot would take some beating, especially in the gloaming when all the cars were gone and the deer came out to graze. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like the feel of silence, it gives a sense of calm

I like the quiet of the night, it is a soothing balm

I like the stillness of the air, it makes you fly more high

I like the beauty of Nature which makes me really sigh

I like the calm of the morn, when birds twittering glee

I like the warmth of the sun rays which seep into me

I like the freshness of the dew drops they really seem to dance

I like the beauty of Nature, she never let goes of any chance

I like the evening glow, when the sun goes down and moon comes up

I like the sight of the road where cars move by but traffic is a hiccup

I like this familiarity which has become a part of my life

I love the beauty around me, and forget all my strife…..

And as I curl into bed, I remember those bed time stories

Of far away lands and beautiful princess, with no tears or worries

Today as I write this, I only wish all this could go on

Eternity is what I seek, be it night, evening or morn……..