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The Message

Pooja Chaudhary
Pooja Chaudhary

The Guest Column  is a part of The Random Thought Bistro which features works by people across the world. Today The Guest Column brings Pooja Chaudhary. lives in Dombivli, Mumbai, India and is a student of M.tech Integrated course from D Y Patil University, School of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Navi Mumbai.  Pooja also likes to write as well as sing and trains in Hindustani Classical Music. According to Pooja : “My hobbies are writing and singing because I feel these are the best possible ways to express one’s feelings especially for introvert people like me. My dream is to become successful in my field and show the world that even daughters can make their parents proud. I wish to write a biography of someone somewhere in near future.”  Fair Deal Pooja ! Today Rukmini Krishnan brings on the Random Thought Bistro a prize winning poem by Pooja in an Inter College Creative Writing Competition

Thursday morning I rose at ten

Way out of struggling dreams

Visualizing angry Mr Ben

At the office and his screams


I worked up all my morning tasks

And marched towards the dining door

To find an envelope with a card

Resting calmly on the floor


I bent down quickly on my knees

And picked it up in a while

The card had not a single crease

Only a message, “Open with smile!”


Eager to open it, yes I was

But the striking clock startled me

Time had laid upon me its claws

So I pushed it in the office bag neat


Anyhow reaching at quarter to twelve

I found that I was waited to be in

Mr Ben was already armed to yell

And I pretended to be seriously ill


Finally escaping the verbal attacks

I started working at my desk

Energy on that day I lacked

Still I tried to work at my best


At evening when I returned home

The morning’s envelope struck my mind

Wondering whom it might be from

I approached my bag in order to find


I pulled it quite a reluctantly

An another card with it popped up

Inviting me at the office party

Next day at our official hub


“Oh hell!” I don’t have a ready suit

To stand out in the event in all

My enthusiasm got a sudden shoot

And the envelope again had a fall


I always manage to look the stud

Every time and I did too then

The party was a splendid fun

Starting at five ending late after ten


I dropped down on my lovely couch

Having no strength to even getting changed

My eyes went on that hanging pouch

Holding the envelop may be picked up by my maid


By the time I could reach to it

My cell phone rang and started me

It was my life, my love, ’Jennet’

Who had planned a whole Saturday with me


Saturday was a beautiful day

With no hustle and no worries

No fear of being late I may

No walking on clock and no hurries


All day I spent my time with her

At resort, pub and the evening beach

Hand in hand under the skies of world

We watched how sun to earth did reach


I asked her if she would like to have

Some wine and dinner at my place

A thoughtful but quick nod she gave

My eyes and mind turned to haze


Opening the door with my keys

She entered before I may do

I went to change in my Tees

So that I can comfortably cook


She offered to help but I denied

Handing her some magazines to read

I decided to make some sea food fried

And also some saucy chicken grilled


Coming out after fifteen or so

To see if she’s not bored, I feared

I found her sitting on knees low

With her eyes filled with tears


Holding a paper in her hands

She trailed towards the staring me

It looked as if all her tear glands

Had given up and emptied free


“James, you did a big mistake!”

Her heavy words set me freeze

“Your little sister is counting her breaths,

And wants to see you before she leaves!”


From her hands I grabbed the note

And with my tears I tried to cope

I cursed myself to the core

As it was the “same envelope”


“Dear brother, James,” it started with

“Please come to me and stroke my hair.

Till Sunday your kiddo won’t make to it

Can I have your time’s small share?”


Those words crossed my heart like swords

Neither I could speak nor move

Jennet drove all night to morn

How careless a sibling I had proved


My phone that day had eight missed calls

I had kept it on the mode silent

My hope and strength all began to fall

My heart and mind were dead vacant


The car stopped at a parking place

I ran out like an innocent child

Imagining Annie’s vulnerable phase

How would she be or have been she might!


I heard mom’s voice which were actually cries

And followed it which led to a room

I felt there as if the earth had dried

And filled all over only with gloom


Mom told me Annie just left us

“You’re late by few moments, my boy”

My heart had an emotional gush

I couldn’t even hug her, a final bye!


As Annie laid cold on the bed

Her hand I took into mine

Kissed her, stroked her, tears I shed,

“I am sorry kiddo, you soul divine!”


Annie curled her fingers with mine

Leaving doctors watch with all shocked eyes

Opening slowly her left hand’s fist

She handed me a cloth with ties


Untying the cloth, in it I found,

My long lost tiny ‘LUCKY COINS’

I heard a shrill yet content sound

“Sorry brother, I stole from your toys.”


She thought her brother’s lucky coins

May help her make the tumour go

So that she may again re-join

With the world and its flow


They had been missing since the news

That cancer had my sister caught

But I did never bother deduce

And thought that maybe I had them lost


“Don’t send me there with tears, brother

Every person someday dies

I’m taking memories, love and weathers,”

Saying so she closed her eyes!

A Note of Thanks to Pinky Sharma who was instrumental in introducing Pooja Chaudhary’s written content.

Pinky Sharma
Pinky Sharma