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What Makes You Happy

Smiley head happy
Smiley head happy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What makes you happy, is it the happiness itself or the reason?

Is it the wish to be at the top , and be the talk of the season?

Is it that finishing line to cross with all that sweat and toil

Or is it just plainly the contentment of being the son of the soil…

What makes you happy , is it the grades that you get or the pat in the back

Is it that smile on your mother’s face, or the piles of books you stack

Is it that girl of your dreams , she haunts you every night

Is that dream lover boy, who is really never out of your sight…

What makes me happy , I know it very well…

tis not any of the above, but my heart does swell

It is the simple tranquility and peace that I feel

When nature is at her best, with a lot of zeal

When  I hear the raindrops falling on the leaves

When I see the bulbul eating a seed in the green trees

When I see honesty taking over hypocricy

When I see world finally respecting truth, you see

Sometimes, somewhere, there is someone waiting

Just to make this world a better place in the making

I like to hear this call of the unknown

Where the seeds of development are sown

I reach out to this call, ready to sacrifice

With a will to serve the world, and just rise

Rise above the rest, and stay contented

For happiness is a state of mind, as presented……