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Teachers Day A Day of Reckoning

My teachers
My teachers

Every day as I wake up, I pray for a betterĀ  world

For a life filled with joy and care, and happiness unfurled

Every day as I take small steps, I wish for those bigger differences

And once a day I thank my teachers for bearing my defences

As I look back, I find that teachers have been the mainstay

Let me begin with the best teachers , my parents of course any day

They taught me the basics and cemented my fundamentals

Then of course come the teachers in school, they were just sweet angels


With a stern note and a soft heart, my parents and teachers had their way

Today as I reflect , I am glad they did so, and never let me sway

Who do I speak about , my Math or my History Teacher?

Or about the sweet English teacher who I remember forever

sulochana chary miss
sulochana chary miss


With a perfect balance of understanding and care they doled out discipline

Today I thank all these souls for having created this din.

As I grew older, I became a mother, and learnt not one lesson but many

I confess today, my children are the best teachers, I know it sounds funny


For child is the father of man and it has a lot more to say

In them we see reflections of us, in them we see a better day

Today as I sit back and reflect on all these emotions

I am glad tis Teachers Day, as it brought back past connections.