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For Some Others Do Have Them

I Live in my Magical World :-)

I know not I want not, I do not want a penny

I care not, I feel not, if I do not have any money

I do not think of the past and I just caress away my worry

For some others do have them, when they do it in a hurry


I  look forward to a world, where one is not against the other

A world free of spite, a world where love and acceptance are tied together

I am fed up of people telling me what to do

For Some others do have them, I wish it was not true


Why cannot people live and let live the world to be

Why do we always have to be in a constant pace of fury

Why is the world sometimes so difficult to be with

For some others do have them, life for them is a monolith.


I live life the way I wish to, but world wants me to be otherwise

I wish it was not so complicated, wish it was that all were wise

For foolish are those who feel, they know everything

For some others do have them, maybe I am missing out something.


In sparkling brightness of the moon, where dreams are meant to be seen

In the shining warmth of sunlight, where time stands where it has been

In the beautiful world of tomorrow where there is no mans land

For some others do have them, you should know where you stand.


World stand up and live life in your terms

Do not get bogged down by any twists or turns

For here is a way out and you know you can really take it

For some others do have them, let us beat them to it.