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Winding Back Time

Time is a Tickin'

I want to wind back time and go back to being a child

When everything was so safe, and life was so mild

When raindrops meant paper boats and holidays were fun

When no one ever intended to hurt you, all was just pun….


I want to wind back time and correct all my mistakes

Once more endeavor to do them without much at stake,

Once more smile, when I have to and cry when I wish

Once more just do what I want to, with only homework to finish…


I want to wind back time and love the way I wanted to

Just get back lost friends and live life without much ado

Just take back my old souvenirs which I forgot to treasure

Just enjoy life with so much gusto and pleasure

I want to wind back time, and be the person I want to

To be always happy and follow up on the things to do

I want to wind back time and change the old adage

Time and tide wait for none, this isĀ  something I want to change……