Alipta – The Magical Word

Alipta – this is a word that has caught on to my imagination in the past two days. It has been the reason I have been thrown to a world of ecstasy and have been taken to a level where none could reach. Alipta is that which would ensure you are 100% satisfied and that which makes you smile even when you are in troubled waters.
Your washing machine conks off at the eleventh hour? Never mind resort to Alipta the supreme magical word. You have a poolside party and your barbeque doesn’t function? Not a hassle, I say, as you have Alipta with you. Any time,all time  ,everytime, this is a perennial solution to all your problems.
Your best friend just ditched you and you are finding your lost threads back? Turn towards Alipta…your food burnt just when your mother inlaw visits you for the first time. Hah! just who cares! Be Alipta.
So what exactly is alipta and why am I fascinated by it? After a string of disappointments and let downs, after being subjected to periodic emotional surprises, just when I thought I am out and done with, my friend mentions this word very casually. Very calm and composed normally and not at all judgemental, my friend has managed to hit the nail in the coffin of my emotions by mentioning this one word which has caused a revolution in my life.
Alipta means to be detached, to be unknown to the hidden intentions of actions, knowingly, alipta is the key to solving all kinds of challenges in life. Imagine as said above your washing machine doesn’t work when you want it to…So what? Just take it easy and wait for it to get repaired and wash the clothes manually. So what if it is a little bit of strain for you. Yet you can enjoy the pleasures of enjoying the flow of water as you wash the clothes with your hand. Often we forget to enjoy the smaller pleasures in the bigger challenges.
Again so what if your cooking fails when your mother in law visits you for the first time. Just confess to her, smile and ask her the best way to whip up that recipe. Believe me, she would feel pampered and would come up with another idea to making the lunch a great hit.
Often we view situations and problems at face value quite forgetting we could make it better in our life. Alipta is the way you can achieve maximum pleasure with minimal sources at disposal. Be Alipta be happy. 
All this and more contributes to being Alipta. Apply it in your everyday life and thank my friend for giving this magical word.

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